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Post date:2017.07.06

The 3rd IAEA-MOE Experts' Meeting on Environmental Remediation of Off-Site Areas after the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station Accident

Date:17-21 April, 2017.

In March, 2017, Ministry of the Environment(MOE) completed the whole area decontamination in Special Decontamination Area(SDA) based on the Decontamination Implementation Plan. In the Intensive Contamination Survey Area(ICSA) the decontamination was also near completion; the decontamination of areas where the residents have daily access(e.g.residential houses and public facilities) has been almost completed.
Under this circumstances, IAEA and MOE mainly discussed the results and lessons learned from the decontamination works. The summary of this meeting proposed some suggestions to MOE for further consideration in progressing the environmental remediation and related works.


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