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This is designed to show you how environmental remediation activities by Ministry of the Environment(MOE) have been done in and around Fukushima after TEPCO Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plants accidents.

In March 2017, MOE completed the whole area decontamination in the Special Decontamination Area (SDA) excluding “Areas where Returning is Difficult” based on the Decontamination Implementation Plan. Due to this achievement, evacuation orders have been lifted in 9 municipalities.

Municipalities in which evacuation orders were lifted

Municipality Evacuation order was lifted on
Tamura city April 1, 2014
Kawauchi village October 1, 2014*1/June 14, 2016*2
*1:Former Areas to which evacuation orders are ready to lift up
*2:Former Areas in which residents are not permitted to live
Naraha town September 5, 2015
Katsurao village June 12, 2016
Minamisoma city July 12, 2016
Iitate village March 31, 2017
Kawamata village March 31, 2017
Namie town March 31, 2017
Tomioka town April 1, 2017

Municipalities in which whole area decontamination were completed

Municipality Completion of decontamination
Tamura city June 2013
Naraha town March 2014
Kawauchi village March 2014
Okuma town March 2014
Katsurao village December 2015
Kawamata town December 2015
Futaba town March 2016
Iitate village December 2016
Tomioka town January 2017
Minamisoma March 2017
Namie March 2017

In the Intensive Contamination Survey Area (ICSA), the decontamination was also near completion. Especially, the decontamination of areas where the residents have daily access (e.g. residential houses and public facilities) has been almost completed in the ICSA. As for the Interim Storage Site(ISF), MOE will continue to manage the removed soil properly and promote the building of the facility.

During this period, MOE received a lot of valuable advice and support from international communities. I would like to express sincere gratitude.
This web would like to keep you updated what is going on remediation activities in Japan.

It would be appreciated if you could give us continuous advice and supports.

Environmental Remediation

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